A "silly" German shepherd made a botched attempt to stalk a squirrel he seemed to think was intruding in his garden, as shown in a hilarious video.

In the clip, the dog is watching a grey squirrel and completely tenses up, before moving towards it inch-by-inch.

The dog stalks forward slowly and flinches every time the squirrel moves, fearing he has been spotted.

For a moment, it appears he might catch the burrowing mammal but it suddenly bolts up a tree and, although he charges in pursuit, the German shepherd has no chance.

The footage was shared on Reddit by the pooch's owner u/IryBunny and has since been up-voted hundreds of times on the forum, with people finding his antics adorable and gawky in equal measures.

One viewer joked: "He's about as stealthy as a Harley motorcycle."

A second person commented: "The suspense was killing me! The footwork. The focus."

"Look how PROUD he was!! Silly GSD bears," said a third viewer.

"Lol there was an attempt," quipped another.

Another user commented: "What a slick pup. I enjoyed watching this because my pup has been having it out with a squirrel lately too.

"Every time I take him in the yard, that little f***** is the first thing he looks for and when he sees him, he runs at him full speed."

This comes after a German shepherd's gentle reaction to a cat wanting a cuddle melted hearts, with the gentle giant letting the feline use his paws as a cradle.

Looking unsurprised at the invasion of personal space, the Alsation licked the cat's fluffy belly while it purred and looked deeply content.

Meanwhile, another funny German shepherd threw a dramatic tantrum when his owner tried to take him in for a shower.

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