An orangutan has become an internet sensation for helping a zoo to keep its enclosure clean during the coronavirus pandemic.

Video shows Puteri, a female chimpanzee, grabbing a yellow sponge from a water bucket and rubbing it on the floor.

She wipes the floor with foam and dips it again in the bucket to make sure the floor is spotless.

The reddish-brown creature seems to have realised the severity of COVID-19 and decided to step in for help.

The clip was taken at Perth Zoo, in Western Australia on March 25, after it temporarily closed its doors to visitors in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

It is not clear if orangutans can contract coronavirus, but a recent study found macaques cannot get reinfected.

Perth Zoo wrote on Twitter: "Puteri is helping keep everything sanitised! What content do you want to see from us while the doors are closed?"

Viewers showed their support to the zoo while some said Puteri's sanitation work has inspired them to do their own cleaning during difficult times.

One asked if the zookeepers could open a live stream of the animals because it "would be so calming and give so much joy".

Another said: "My absolute favourites have been the short videos of the zookeepers giving their animals dignity, adventure, and a taste of freedom by letting them walk around and [in the case of the beaver] gather sticks. I've been so heartened by these."

A third joked: "This monkey has done more than Trump."

Grant Robinson, chairman of Perth Zoo, said the closure of the zoo is a precautionary measure to make sure everyone is safe.

He said: "Throughout the period of closure, our staff will remain on-site caring for the 1,300 animals who call Perth Zoo home and looking after our beautiful botanic estate.

"We also recognise that the zoo is not just a place for people to come and look at animals. It is part of the fabric of the WA community.

"While the zoo is closed, the public is encouraged to stay virtually connected to our animals through our social media channels and website."

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