Gamers are being urged to play Call Of Duty to raise funds for real-life war heroes.

Help for Heroes wants fans playing the likes of CoD, Fortnite and Battlefield on streaming services such as YouTube to get their followers to donate.

Promoting the Hero Up campaign, the charity’s Andy Johnson-Creek said: “Younger generations haven’t seen war, they haven’t seen the horrors and realities of it. It might not be as front of mind.

“This is also about highlighting there’s still an issue to a younger generation who don’t necessarily see veterans as an issue.

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“We’re not at war so fundraising in society is going down.

“Just because it’s not plastered on the TV doesn’t mean that PTSD isn’t there. You can’t grow a limb back.”

He said donations had been falling since Britain’s action in Afghanistan ended in 2014 and added: “The gaming industry is bigger than Hollywood, bigger than music and TV – it’s tapping into that marketplace.

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“We would love anyone with a following to game for us.”

Gamers have previously raised millions for charity with marathon live-streaming events.

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