Russian citizens say Putin's war 'isn't going to plan'

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People on the streets in Moscow voiced their anger at Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin inner circle, as the war in Ukraine takes its toll on the country. Furious Russians blasted their country’s leaders for going into war “without a plan,” with one citizen saying that Vladimir Putin’s generals “have s*** for brains”. The damning verdict from Moscovites comes as new polling by the independent Levada Centre in Russia shows that 88 percent of Russians are “concerned” about events in Ukraine.

Speaking to Radio Free Europe, Russians were asked whether the war in Ukraine was going according to plan.

One middle-aged man said: “I don’t think it’s going to plan.

“It hasn’t been from the very beginning because Kyiv wasn’t taken in three days and there was no Russian military parade there.”

Another added: “After we retreated from Kyiv? Our generals have s*** for brains if you’ll forgive me.”

An elderly woman remarked: “It is not going to plan. I’m sure of that. Our troops are retreating and Ukraine is attacking.”

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One Muscovite responded that the Russian military “should have been better prepared for the war”.

A few remained cautiously supportive of Vladimir Putin’s war, with one person saying the retreats and slow progress on the battlefields are because Russia “is sparing the civilians”.

Others bravely questioned whether President Putin even had a plan before invading Ukraine in February.

One middle-aged man said: “What plan, whose plan? The Russian gene pool is being destroyed. Young people have no future.”

Another asked: “What plan? Was there a plan? Did the authorities ever have a plan?”

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One furious woman simply said: “Yes – if the plan was to destroy Russia.

“I’ve just been to a Metro store. Half of the products are missing. It’ll probably be shut down soon.

“We will all be shut down too. There will be only Putin left in his bunker.”

This comes as the latest briefing from the British Ministry of Defence claims Russian forces have started deploying units threatening to shoot their own retreating soldiers due to sinking morale among troops.


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The intelligence report described these Russian units as “barrier troops” or “blocking units” used to compel offensives.

This follows an anticipated retreat among Russian forces in Kherson ahead of a Ukrainian counteroffensive on the city.

On Thursday, the Russian-installed deputy governor of Ukraine’s Kherson region said Moscow was likely to pull its troops from the west bank of the Dnipro River, signalling a huge retreat.

However, Kyiv said it was wary that Moscow could be setting a trap by feigning a pull-out.


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