Talk about the long arm of the law…a man who lost a finger while climbing a fence has been reunited with the missing digit after police tracked him down.

The severed finger was discovered outside a block of flats in Southampton, but cops only managed to reunite the fleshy find with its 28-year-old owner after he went to hospital for treatment and officers were able to connect the dots.

It’s not the only bizarre item that’s been left behind over the years, as The Star takes a look at some of the most out there things us human beings have ever managed to misplace…

Flight of fancy

A missile guidance system for a fighter jet with a notice that read, “Handle with extreme caution” is just one of the bizarre items of lost air luggage that ended up in the Unclaimed Baggage Centre, in Scottsboro, Alabama.

It was returned to the US Air Force.

Other items that have found their way there include a full suit of armour, a live rattlesnake and 50 vacuum packed frogs.

Tomb much

Someone made a grave error when they left a headstone with the inscription, “You’ll never be forgotten” behind at Dublin Airport in Ireland.

Other things discarded at the transport hub include a toilet seat and cistern as well as a 15 kilo boulder.

Stone me

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One thousand items a day are reckoned to get lost on the transport system of Paris but the city’s Bureau of Found Objects can boast some seriously odd finds including an unclaimed red pouch containing concrete pieces from the World Trade Centre, along with an orange vest from a New York city transport employee, which were abandoned in a suitcase in the French city shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Mind the gap

When London transport officials found two discarded skulls in a bag, they feared they’d uncovered a grizzly crime – until a university lecturer eventually came forward to claim them.

Other madcap items left on the network include a stuffed puffer fish, Samurai sword, life-sized Spiderman doll, prosthetic leg with a trainer still attached and a pair of breast implants deposited on a Circle Line train.

A forgotten urn of ashes was eventually reclaimed by a family seven years later.

Just car-azy

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Many of us have left something behind in a taxi after a pint or two, but probably nothing as bizarre as the live lobster once forgotten in an Uber or the FBI bulletproof vest mislaid in another.

Other stray items reported by the firm include a large painting of Kate Middleton, a dog’s ashes, a full set of 18ct gold teeth and a fish tank full of fish and water.

Wheely weird

Someone who is probably glad to remain anonymous reclaimed their Donald Trump themed toilet roll after leaving it on a bus in Oxford, yet the owner of a Zimbabwe 10 billion dollar note failed to do so – as did the person who mislaid a letter of sexual fantasies.

Check it out

People have left all sort of things in hotels, from a glass slipper and World War Two gas mask found at UK branches of Premier Inn to the cockatoo called Brexit left at a British Travelodge.

Strangest of all though must be the hotel guest who left behind a goat dressed as US President Abraham Lincoln.

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