Former All Black Zac Guildford has been charged with breaching intensive supervision earlier this year before he was sentenced for stealing from his grandfather.

A court manager said the latest charge related to him allegedly breaching the orders by consuming alcohol in February. Guildford had been serving a sentence of two years of intensive supervision after being convicted of punching a woman in December 2019.

He allegedly broke the orders prior to being sentenced on separate charges for stealing more than $40,000 from his grandfather and deceiving a friend out of $60,000.

Guildford previously admitted to the Herald that things were spiralling before his sentencing on those charges and he was slipping back into addictive tendencies. His relationships were “falling to pieces”.

Since being sentenced the former sports star has apologised for his offending and made a new start in Christchurch with a job at a local company.

Guildford said at the time he had built up a strong support system in Christchurch.

When approached by the Herald last month his employer said any breach would have been prior to him working and living with them. As well as before his ADHD diagnosis.

“He has been working really hard and is very positive about his future, he has joined many online ADHD support groups and we have also managed to put together a group of ADHD adults who will be having the support group meetings at our house as Zac can’t leave to go to them,” she said at the time.

The 33-year-old had been living with his 77-year-old grandfather, Frank Burt, in the Wairarapa when he transferred a total of $41,400 from his grandfather’s iPad to his own account between March 30 and April 9, 2021, to fuel his gambling addiction.

Guildford told the Herald he first took money out of “pure addiction”, boredom, and the idea he could get out of the hole he was in if he just “took a little bit, then put some back”.

“It didn’t work that way, as I found out the hard way – and most addicts will know it’s not just a little bit.”

Prior to the offending, the pair had a close relationship, doing everything together including buying and breeding horses. Breaking his trust was “heartbreaking”, Guildford said. They haven’t spoken since, but he is hoping to soon iron things out.

Guildford is due to appear in the Christchurch District Court later this month.

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