Fire brigades have spent more than £3million saving animals in the last five years – including a bullock stuck in a swimming pool.

They responded to 75 animal rescue calls a week – 54% involving pets, 22% relating to livestock and 24% for wildlife.

In one case, a 600kg bullock stuck for four hours in a pool in Paignton, Torbay, was rescued by Devon and Cornwall firefighters.

Crews had to pump out water so the panicked beast’s hooves could reach the bottom before a crane lifted him on to a trailer.

London firefighters were called to save a dog that had become stuck in a frozen pond in Barnet. They also rescued a parrot from a roof in Edmonton.

In Bishop Auckland, County Durham, when a ferret was spotted sticking its head out of a waste pipe two-storeys up, firefighters were called out and used a ladder to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, an iguana that escaped on to a roof in 30°C weather to sunbathe was rescued in an operation lasting an hour and a half, carried out by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

And a terrified goat which had become stranded on a tiny ledge on a perilous quarry cliff face had to be escorted 60ft down to safety by West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

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