Two twerking paramedics have been slammed for making sexy TikTok videos in the back of an ambulance instead of "saving lives".

Rhianna Higgins, 25, and her colleague can be seen in full uniform cutting shapes to a remix of Justin Bieber's "Baby" in a video that now has over 250,000 views.

The pair were on duty for Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and even though the caption read "little boogie on break" people were still furious.

One user commented "now I know why my nan didn't make it", another saying "this is why ambulances take so long to respond".

A third added: "Should be saving lives but making TikTik is priority."

It is understood that Rhianna, from Doncaster, has worked for YAS for at least 18 months as she has other videos in uniform dating back to the start of last year.

In the other videos, which have only amassed around 8000 views, Rhianna and a different colleague are seen dancing in YAS buildings rather than in an actual ambulance.

In one the pair are performing in front of a parked ambulance with its warning light flashing.

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One user on the latest upload claimed to have reported the footage to the NHS. Rhianna hit back, replying: "Why feel the need to comment and report hun, if you're not keen just keep scrolling."

Someone else commented: "Wow how do you find time with everyone dying from the world’s most deadly disease running rampant?"

Neither women have come out to address the backlash since the video was released 10 days ago, but not everyone was as angry with the paramedics.

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One woman defended them saying "they're on a break, can't fault them" whilst another added: "Great video, clearly states they was on a break! Probs trying to relax after saving a life!"

Others were more focused on telling Rhianna that she was "stunning" with one adding "I love that blonde she smashes it".

YAS responds to around 700,000 emergency calls per year and transports around one million patients.

The Daily Star has approached it for comment.

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