A chilling Facebook Live video has shown what it was like inside the plane that crashed killing 68 people yesterday (January 15).

The plane was carrying 72 people, 68 of which were passengers, including two young children when it crashed near the Seti River about 1.6km (1 mile) Pokhara International Airport.

Yeti Airlines has confirmed rescue operations are still taking place in what has been described as the country's most horrific in five years.

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Now, chilling video footage has been confirmed to show four friends from India began excitedly recording the descent just moments before their deaths.

The footage, which was reportedly taken by a man named Sonu Jaiswal, shows him laughing and joking with his friends as the plane flies over house.

One of his pals was heard saying: "It’s really fun," as he looked out of the window.

But suddenly the camera starts shaking and passengers are heard shouting before the screen goes black with a loud bang.

There were a few moment before flames came into frame.

The clip was later published by the Times of India as the publication reached out to Jaiswal's cousin, Rajat Jaiswal, who confirmed the 29-year-old was onboard.

Rajat told the publication: "Sonu was on Facebook live after boarding the flight for Pokhara.

"The live-streaming showed that Sonu and his companions were in a happy mood but all of a sudden flames appeared before the streaming stopped."

A close friend of the group Vishal Koswal, 21, identified the four men as Jaiswal, 29, Anil Rajbhar, 28, Vishal Sharma, 23, and Abhishek Singh Kushwaha, 23.

The police have also confirmed their identities.

Koswal said he had meant to join his four friends on the trip to Nepal but had to stay home after a the death of a relative.

He added: "Sonu was showing us the mountains around on the call and was clearly excited, so were we.

“He told me on that call that after landing in Pokhara, they would visit some temples there and then in the evening take a train back home."

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He also said that his friends were more like “brothers” and said everyone in the area was “very emotional”.

"This all seems like a nightmare, I still cannot believe we have lost all of them," he added.

"I can’t watch that crash video again, it is very hard and painful. A big tragedy has fallen over us."


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