Ex-Pornhub icon Mia Khalifa has delighted her fans with a surprise trip to the UK, posting of her travel on social media just two months after her previous visit.

The adult star posted to her Instagram story showing a beautiful morning sunrise in London, where the 29-year-old shared her view of the United Kingdom.

Mia had already made it clear that she was a huge fan of the capital city, marking her second trip to the country in just a few months after sharing a series of posts to her Instagram story.

One post showed her in a car driving through the streets of London, taking in the buildings with Taylor Swift's track London Boy playing.

The Lebanese-born beauty followed her story up by sharing a post made by user avaavalentine, which pictured the former Pornhub alumni outside of a building in Shepherd's Market.

The story post was captioned "Pip pip, cheerio, b*tchs" accompanied by a Union Jack and English flag."

Her Instagram story continued, showing off a lavish meal and bottles of beer, with Khalifa dining at the Mayfair-based Al-Sultan restaurant, where she said it was "only right to order" an Almaza beer.

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Mia shared an early morning snap to her Instagram at 6am this morning, showcasing a gorgeous sunrise and overview of London from a swanky balcony.

The media personality had made a boozy trip to London just a few months previously, where she enjoyed a "last night in Soho," Daily Star reported.

The former adult star shared a series of emotional posts to her Instagram account declaring her love for London and the boozy nights she had been enjoying during her stay.

The sad farewell showcased snaps of the model at Bentley's Oyster Bar and Grill along with pictures of London streets with The Sex Pistols' track Anarchy In The UK playing over the top.

But the star has since returned to London, where on her last visit she said was far superior to the US because of their Uber Eats variety and listings of Lebanese wines.

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She also showed snaps of her time abroad and said that she was partial to a full English with "blood pudding and a cuppa".

The influencer had also joked that if she had "two more pints" she might never return to the US.

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