A football mad fan is so certain the Three Lions are going to win the Euros that he's tattooed "It's Coming Home 2021" on his leg – and admits it looks rubbish.

Cian Finns' friends thought "it was funny" when he used his tattoo gun to ink the English football chant on to his body.

The 20-year-old stencilled "IT'S COMING HOME 2021" along with a sketch of the England flag onto his left thigh last week.

He decided to post his new 30-minute body art on to TikTok where he says his followers were "not too impressed".

Cian, from Surrey, London, said: "People online always say how 'stupid' it is or 'how I'm going to regret it' but I know I won't as I know it's going to be on me forever and if we win or lose, I will look back on it as a funny memory that me and my mates had.

"My friends and family thought it was hilarious and we all laughed about it."

The football fan started inking himself and his friends after receiving a tattoo gun for Christmas a few years ago.

"That was the first tattoo I had done on myself as you can tell from the poor quality of it," he added.

Cian, who supports Arsenal, remains hopeful for England's chances in the Euros.

He said: "That one against Scotland we played was awful, especially our attack in my opinion.

"I just hope Southgate and the players learn from this game and make some changes in the starting line-up and how they play."

During the 2018 world cup, a teenager from Staffordshire tattooed England manager Gareth Southgate's face and "I'ts coming home" on to his backside.

Alex Allan Smith, 18, from Lichfield got the insane branding while on holiday in Magaluf.

His plan was to get the ridiculous ink if England got to the final, but couldn't wait any longer and decided to show his allegiance before the Three Lions were knocked out.

“After a few drinks I tossed a coin, heads I would get it after the semi-finals, tails before," he told the Express and Star.

“I got tails so I went straight up to the tattoo parlour to do it."

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