Royal fans claim to have spotted Ellen DeGeneres holding back on the type of questions she asked Meghan Markle during her recent appearance.

The ex-royal was interviewed by Ellen on her US chat show recently, sharing stories of her acting life before meeting Prince Harry, as well as taking part in a comedy skit where she guzzled baby milk in public.

The chat was Meghan’s first solo interview since the infamously explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, which was broadcast in March.

During that appearance, Meghan and Harry had made a number of allegations against The Firm, including that one unnamed royal had commented on the colour of their son Archie’s skin.

And, reflecting on Meghan’s most recent interview with Ellen on the Royally Obsessed podcast, host Rachel Bowie admitted that she found the pranks on unsuspecting members of the public “cringy”, but suggested that Meghan was a “great sport”.

The keen royal watchers then delved deeper into how the interview compared with the Duchess’ previous public appearance, with Roberta Fiori observing that the Ellen show antics “felt like such a departure from the Oprah interview.”

“There were no questions about that [interview], which I think Ellen has got a lot of criticism for. There were no questions about the lawsuit, which is very much in the headlines right now,” Roberta suggested.

“There were no questions about Harry and William’s relationship, which I don’t think she would have touched on.

“Just her royal past in general, it seemed like there were major negotiations about what she would be able to ask.”

The fans then compared the interview with Prince Harry’s appearance on James Corden’s show in February this year.

In a change of theme, the duo acknowledged that while the prince’s chat with the British talk show host touched on his royal past, these details were mostly absent during Meghan’s interview with Ellen.

This, they claimed, is evidence that the former actress is moving back towards her previous professional occupation, and away from royal associations.

“I felt like that was also a choice where Meghan’s moving on from that, and she doesn’t always have to be serious,” Rachel continued.

Roberta agreed, adding: “The throughline to this interview for me was that it was so much about her pre-royal life, and that feels like a new chapter.

“It feels like she’s re-branding herself to be more like Meghan, who she was before Harry, and it’s definitely a choice.

This comes as one royal commentator suggested that Meghan and Harry may switch focus to chat show appearances, instead of focusing on their other projects.

And, Rachel agreed that it is likely the public will now begin to see more of the couple, claiming: “I think this was maybe a sign of what’s to come too, she’s going to show more of herself going forward.”

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