OnlyFans star Elle Brooke revealed she was roasted by a friend for dressing "like a Wetherspoons plate".

The porn star turned boxer shared a video with her 733,000 followers on her Instagram story yesterday (Tuesday, May 23).

She appeared to be some toilets, recording herself in the mirror while talking about her outfit.

Elle was wearing a short denim skirt and a blue and white floral top that undeniably resembled the iconic plates found in Wetherspoons pubs up and down the country.

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She explained the similarity had been pointed out to her by a pal, and that she was now regretting her outfit choice.

Elle told her followers: "So I have this top on and my friend said: ‘Why do you look like a Wetherspoons plate?’

"Now beginning to hate it – urgh!"

She captioned the video: "Wetherspoons glam x."

This comes after Elle showed her fans the "strangest thing" she can do during an Instagram Q&A last week.

In response to one of the questions, Elle revealed she was "double-jointed".

Known officially as joint hypermobility syndrome, people with double-jointedness are particularly flexible and able to move their limbs into positions others find impossible.

According to the NHS it can cause pain. The NHS website states: "It usually affects children and young people and often gets better as you get older."

However, Elle's extreme flexibility didn't appear to cause her any pain.

One of the OnlyFans model's followers submitted a question that read: "What's the strangest thing you can do? (That's insta friendly)."

She replied: "Well this is Instagram friendly. I can do this double-jointed here. It's cool isn't it."

Elle then proceeded to show she can bend her thumb freakishly far backwards, making it a perfect right angle.

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