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An elderly man who lived with the dead body of his wife in his tiny, one-room home in Bangkok, Thailand for 21 years, has finally decided to let his wife rest.

Charn Janwatchakal had co-existed with the remains of his beloved wife, which was kept in a coffin, in a tiny property that looked like a storage room.

His wife, who had served in the public health ministry, passed away in 2001 according to records. However, Charn had held onto her mortal remains in what he described as a demonstration of "eternal love."

On April 30 this year, the 72-year-old finally decided to bid farewell to his partner by cremating her with the help of charity Phet Kasem Bangkok Foundation.

Heart-breaking images show Charn crying and helping to carry the coffin outside his home in the city's Bang Khen district.

In a video, he is also heard telling his wife: "Mum, you are just going for a brief business and you’ll be back home again. It won’t be long, I promise."

Charn, a former medic in the Royal Thai Army, who revealed he had several university degrees, including from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Chulalongkorn University, has lived a lonely life in poor condition over the past two decades.

He reportedly spends most of his days with his pet cats and dogs in a small space next to his home, living with no electricity and water he shared with a neighbour.

Previously, he lived with his two sons who moved out after being unable to convince their dad to lay their mum to rest.

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Charn finally decided to arrange a cremation for his beloved, fearing his wife would never get a proper funeral if he passed away.

Though he talked to her body and pretended she was alive, the ex-medic is thought to have registered his wife's death, which means no legal action can be taken against for concealing a body.

Foundation officials picked up a copy of her death certificate from Bang Khen district office.

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After the cremation, Charn is pictured putting the remains of his wife into a white cloth and placing them in the same spot the coffin had been in.

Charn has vowed to do volunteer work for the organisation that not only helped him give his wife a proper send-off, but also improved his living conditions by repairing his home and providing him with a new mattress, blanket and pillow.

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