Eerie pictures have emerged showing the charred remains of a £6m superyacht being hauled from the water.

The 85ft yacht was destroyed by fire and ended up submerged at the bottom of Torquay Harbour on May 28..

The vessel, called Rendezvous, was carrying 8,000 litres of fuel onboard at the time of the devastating blaze.

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Smoke was seen billowing across the blue skies above the heads of sunbathers in the Devon seaside town.

Since the incident, Torbay Harbour Authority have been working with a specialist wreck removal company.

Final preparations for the salvage operation were carried out by divers on Monday, before the vessel was finally brought back to the surface by a crane on Wednesday afternoon.

One onlooker said: "Straps were put around the back and front of the vessel to secure it and it has just been brought to the surface, lifted onto a pontoon where it will be taken away.

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"It is fair to say, the yacht was not in a good shape and looks completely destroyed. I don't think anyone will be sailing in it anytime soon."

Once the salvage operation is safely completed, repairs to Princess Pier will begin and before it is reopened to the public.

On the day of the fire flames cut through the boat's mooring rope setting the blazing luxury yacht adrift across the harbour to Princess Pier, setting fire to a section of the pier’s wooden decking.

The pier and harbour quays were evacuated as firefighters fought the blaze.

Hours after it first caught fire, the Rendezvous sank alongside the pier, and special booms were set up around it to prevent pollution from escaping.

Now a specialist barge has been brought in to finish the job of salvaging the wreckage.

After divers had been down to check on the wreck, strops were passed under the hull and a large crane lifted the hulk to the surface.

The strength of the fire is clear from the remains of the yacht.

Its superstructure, luxury cabins and flying bridge have gone completely, leaving just a charred and buckled shell.

Princess Pier remains closed and only essential personnel will be granted access.

Torbay Council says that once the salvage operation has been safely completed, repairs to Princess Pier will begin.


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