A handwashing video from the Edmonton Police and Community Engagement Program (PACE) is gaining traction online for its upbeat tone and catchy moves in dealing with the novel coronavirus.

Washing your hands regularly has been recommended by Canadian health officials and the World Health Organization as a preventative measure against COVID-19.

The video was posted on the official PACE Instagram account, featuring a parody version of the “Cha-Cha Slide.”


Hello community friends! We miss you and we’re hoping that you are all doing your best to stay healthy in these complicated times. We want to share positive vibes with you all and thought we’d start with this little video of our PACE member – Cst.Kulmiye giving is a little demo on how he washes his hands! Instead of singing 2 rounds of Happy Birthday you could try these sweet moves while you scrub!! . We hope you enjoy!!! . . Please send us your happy dances! @edmontonpoliceservice @dmmcfee @eps_pace @mike_elliottepa #yeg #yegpolice #edmontonpolice #washyourhands #weareinthistogether

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It shows Cst. Kulmiye demonstrating a handwashing move as the lyrics tell him to pump soap, scrub his hands, rinse off, and “dry off real smooth.”

While his technique isn’t the method recommended by the World Health Organization, the post says it is meant to “share positive vibes.”

The WHO’s recommendations for handwashing say that it should take about as long as singing “Happy Birthday” twice.

Experts say that the novel coronavirus is “enveloped,” meaning that it has an outermost wrapper  — a greasy outer covering — that requires soap to dissolve.

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