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AReddituser checking out repair shops on Google Maps was shocked after coming across an X-rated poster.

They were inspecting the building in Russia when the decoration caught their eye.

Placed next to a laptop, the image shows a woman lying down while covering her breasts.

It was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: “Found something a little naughty in a Russian repair shop.”

However, fellow users weren’t particularly surprised by the find.

One responded: “Those posters are in nearly every single mechanic shop in the Balkans, although they are most often calendars from like 10 years ago.”

Another said: “Basically in every repair shop here in Mexico too.”

Back in March, another Reddit user looking at a house on Google Street View joked they’d found a “naked Bigfoot”.

They were interested in buying the property and decided to check out the garden using the online tool.

In a bizarre Google Maps image, a naked figure can be seen running near a line of trees.

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The user uploaded the pic to Reddit with the caption: “Looking at a house on street view I’m interested in buying and found a mysterious naked big foot on street view.”

Someone responded: “Looks like a big butt more than a Bigfoot, ratio-wise. Still, looks like [a] nice property, go for it!”

The poster then joked: “Buy a property, get one naked weirdo free! There’s no downside.”

Another person commented: “Looks like someone got home before they were expected!”

Prior to that,Google Mapsusers were shocked after coming acrossan image of a man appearing to defecate on the street.

The image was captured on the Street View tool in Mexico.

The original post read: "Random guy taking a dump in Mexico on google street view."

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