A millionaire influencer from Dubai has collected his own fleet of supercars and luxury trainers worth millions all before he turns 20.

Mega-rich Rashed Belhasa, 19, who goes by the social media name 'Money Kicks', is an Emirati born citizen of Dubai where he is known as the richest kid in the city.

As you would expect, Rashed wasn't born empty-handed with his father being business mogul Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

Saif is one of the richest men in the world and owes his immense fortune to his work in energy and trading.

He owns the Belhasa group of companies, which is said to have over 23 establishments under their umbrella, and his net worth is reported to be in the billions.

However, his son Rashed has chosen to go about accruing his own fortune in a different way – principally by showing off the ridiculous wealth he already has.

At just 13, Rashed started his own YouTube channel to document his life with the world and today he has 3.21 million followers.

In the early days, he was content to show off his multi-million-pound trainer collection but as he grew older it became all about the supercars – of which he has owned many even before turning 18, the legal driving age in Dubai.

According to Wheelsupdates.com, the cars in Rashed's fleet include the Cadillac Escapade, the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F2 Berlanetta.

For context, these three cars alone cost £514,853.59.

The influencer recently appeared on the BBC program Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich, where he treated the camera crew to a look inside his life.

While waiting for his latest car to be given a hideous new paint job, he explained what made people in Dubai tick.

He said: "We're different, we like to be different, we like to have crazy colours that no one has.

"We like to be unique, Dubai is all about being unique."

In a shock move, Rashed recently announced his intention to challenge American boxer Floyd Mayweather to a boxing match.

The pair first met back in 2017, when the boxing star visited Belhasa's family's private zoo in Dubai reports the Mirror.

'Money Kicks' holds a boxing 'record' of 2-0, having headlined the two Social Knockout events that took place last year at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

The social media star was also taken the distance by Anas Elshayib in his first bout back in July, before knocking out Ajmal Khan at the second show months later.

Mayweather meanwhile holds an imperious record of 50-0 after decades on top of the sport and even defeated UFC star Conor McGregor in a cross-code event.

But there is one metric where 'Money Kicks' can safely be assumed to trump Floyd – he definitely owns more cars.

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