A savage dog owner who let her dog starve to death in agony has been banned from owning animals for six years.

21-year-old Thea Anderson left her three-year-old canine alone with no access to food or water.

Poor mastiff cross Lexi was locked in a house for so long that her weight fell to just 11.2kg – the healthy weight for her breed was well over 30kg.

Horrified animal welfare officers found Lexi tragically dead in the hallway of Anderson's property, in Clydebank, Scotland.

In a further twisted treatment from the owner, an open bag of dog food was found in a cupboard which Lexi would have distressingly been able to smell, The Sun reported.

The tragic dog would have died of organ failure or dehydration, a vet concluded.

They said that either would have caused her a painful and slow death.

21-year-old Anderson admitted to causing the dog unnecessary suffering at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.

The awful owner was slapped with 160 hours of community service and an 18-month supervision order, on top of being banned from owning any sort of animal for six years.

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Scottish SPCA inspector Gillian Dick said: “This is a really upsetting case. Lexi’s death was entirely avoidable if she had been given an adequate diet and water.

“Lexi was completely emaciated. There was no fat covering on her body. She had been locked in the hallway and on inspecting the rest of the house it was cluttered and filthy.

“That was when I found the bag of dog food in the hallway cupboard. It was a big bag and only a third of the food was out of it. It’s so sad to think of Lexi being so close to this food while starving to death"

The inspector revealed that Anderson blamed the death on a friend who was "supposed to be looking after her" but admitted that she had seen Lexi in the days before her death.

"There is absolutely no excuse for not taking her for immediate veterinary attention," Dick said.

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