A young woman has shared the heart-breaking moment she and her dog were reunited after a three-month separation – when she was in rehab for severe depression.

Chloe, who is on TikTok as @chloeando, caught their emotional first hug on video and the wholesome video brought a tear to many people's eyes.

In the clip, Chloe walks down a garden path as she heads towards a house, calling out her dog's name.

"Nevis, Nevis!" she calls.

Her voice then breaks with emotion as her pooch barrels towards her, squeaking and wagging his tail.

The dog then leaps up and hugs her leg, licking Chloe's fingers as she strokes him while crying and laughing with happiness.

"It's okay I'm back, I'm back!" she coaxes, while he continues to squeak and lick her with affectionate kisses.

In the on-screen caption, Chloe explains: "I didn’t see my dog in three months due to being in rehab for severe depression.

"This was his reaction when he saw me for the first time."

"I will never leave him again," she promises.

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The life-affirming video has been watched more than 1.7 million times with nearly half a million "likes" and many people have admitted the moment of genuine joy had them in floods of tears.

"It’s almost 2am and I’m sobbing at this, dogs are too precious man," commented one person.

A second said: "I’m in genuine tears, hope you are doing good now."

"Awww he hugged her leg and now I am crying," said a third viewer.

Someone else wrote: "I literally was not expecting this – crying my eyes out."

Posting a poignant message with a heart emoji, another dog-lover said: “My dog gave me the reason to keep going years ago, he was the little anchor to the world, we don’t deserve dogs.”

This comes after dogs lost during the Beirut explosion were rescued and given back to their owners – with their moving reunions caught on video.

And in another tear-jerking clip, a dog instantly recognised his real owner after more than a year apart when the poor mutt was stolen.

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