The doctor who delivered Vladimir Putin's lovechild with Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva died four days before her involvement in the child's birth was made public.

Dr Natalia Thiebaud Kondratieva, 63, died in Switzerland on February 24, the one year anniversary of the Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The cause of death was not released, but she was known to have been battling cancer.

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On February 7 she was named by Project independent media as the obstetrician who had been with Kabaeva for the birth of at least two children fathered by Mad Vlad.

Putin is known to keep his private life on lockdown and details surrounding his family are extremely difficult to come by.

In particular, his widely known long term involvement with Kabaeva is seen as off limits for Russian media.

A picture from Red Square on 9 May 2019 shows Thiebaud with two other Swiss medics who flew to assist at the birth of one Kabaeva child.

The two other women were named as neonatologist Petra Caterina Maria Donati-Genet and nurse Stella Ghizelu.

All are from Clinica Sant'Anna in Lugano where Kabaeva is believed to have earlier had another child in 2015.

The project report said: “How did Swiss doctors, who came to Moscow for several days, end up in the VIP-stand closed to all outsiders?

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“The answer to this question is quite simple.

“These Swiss women had important and secret merits before the Russian leadership.

“They were Kabaeva’s personal midwives and doctors who assisted in the birth of her children.

“It was Thiebaud and other staff at Clinica Sant'Anna who helped Kabaeva give birth in Lugano in 2015.”

There are also rumours that Putin and Kabaeva have at least one more child.

It is unclear if Thiebaud knew she would be named before her death.

On social media in 2020 she posted a message which appeared to reference her dealings with Putin.

“He is one and only Papa for all of Mother Russia!!!!,” she wrote.

“Thank you for not forgetting me.”

The juicy report also claims Putin and Kabaeva live in luxury with their children at a swish residence in Valdai, between Moscow and St Petersburg.

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