A school dinner lady and her husband are finally able to buy their teenage son Christmas presents after scooping £1m in the National Lottery.

Dad Jeff Darkin, 60, suffered a stroke at the hospital he works at in 2019, forcing wife Karen to ask her parents for help to cover the cost of Christmas for their 15-year-old.

But the school dinner lady changed their lives forever when she scooped the £1m National Lottery jackpot hours before Mother's Day.

She used the numbers based on her son's birthday for the lucky win.

She said: "We had always struggled, so my dad gave us money that Christmas to help with Callum’s presents."

The impressive win allowed the couple to swap their cramped two-bed rental for a five-bed bungalow in Kesgrave, Suffolk.

Flabbergasted their entire previous home could fit into just two of their new rooms, the family are planning to take their son Callum on his first-ever holiday overseas.

Karen, 54, admitted: "When we moved in, Jeff and I had a little cry."

She added to The Mirror: "Callum has never been on a plane. So we’ll take him to Portugal, then one day Disneyland.

"My life now is about creating memories for Callum – even if I still go shopping for bargains."

Despite the impressive win, the mum says she has no plans to give up work.

"I love my job, school and all the kids.

“I’ve always picked numbers special to me, including my son Callum’s date of birth – the year and the time – so I instantly recognised the winning numbers.

“What an amazing turn of events.”

She celebrated her win into the early hours of Mother's Day before she called Camelot at 9am to confirm her prize.

It comes after two fraudster pals enjoyed a four-day bender celebrating a £4m lottery win they bought in a local shop.

However, their celebration came to a bitter end when it was found out they bought the ticket with a stolen card and couldn't claim the money.

Instead, they were jailed for 18months, with Mark Goodram, 38, and Jon Watson, 34, both admitting to using someone else's card to buy the scratch card in a Waitrose store in London.

The same card was used to buy £90.56 worth of goods from a Londis, and bought five scratch cards, including the winning one, and other items from Waitrose.

The Bolton pair were on licence at the time of the crime and arrested and interviewed in March 2020.

They were jailed after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud.

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