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    A tourist has taken aim at a Welsh city, branding it "depressed and diarrhoea-drizzled."

    Newport is just a stone's throw from the capital city of Cardiff and is perhaps best known for its riverside location and League Two football team.

    But YouTuber Turdtowns is out to change that after visiting the city on his quest for the UK's worst places.

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    "Newport is just an ugly, grim place," he said in a video counting down what he deemed the eight worst places in Monmouthshire.

    "Newport is just Cardiff’s deprived, depraved, depressed, diarrhoea-drizzled little brother. Avoid this place like your life depends on it."

    The city is Wales' third-biggest, boasting a population of around 159,600 in 2021.

    It also ranks as the nation's second-most diverse place after Cardiff, which the YouTuber said was one of its few selling points.

    But despite its size and cultural diversity, the YouTuber said the high street was less impressive than some towns.

    "The town centre is appalling. A third of the shops here are closed down and boarded up while strange men hang around the town centre doing nothing at all," he said.

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    "Even the pigeons were fighting over a naan bread."

    And he didn't stop there as he confessed the town centre was the "least of their worries" and took aim at the Newport neighbourhood of Pillgwenlly.

    Known affectionately by locals as Pill, the district has a population of around 8,000 and hosts cultural events such as the annual Pill Carnival on the last weekend of August.

    But the inner-city neighbourhood's crime rate last year was a whopping 184 crimes per 1,000 people, making it the most dangerous place in Monmouthshire, according to the website CrimeRate.

    And Turdtowns didn't hesitate to point out some of the area's other apparent shortcomings.

    “Grimy bedsits litter the streets containing the most desperate and unfortunate in the entire Welsh country," he said.

    "In the alleyways, you can find homeless camps out of something out of Los Angeles.

    "Just walking around we felt like we were in a Ross Kemp documentary."

    Commenters were quick to agree with Turdtown's assessment of the city, with locals sharing their own takes.

    "I escaped. I ran like hell from the Cwmbran / Newport […] The vast majority of people living in both towns deserve so much better because their culture is still friendly, open and warm," one wrote.

    "I was born and raised in Newport but since leaving (for the Welsh Valleys would you believe it) I have zero desire to return. It really is a sad story of Town/City going to s**t. Even the pigeons look miserable there," another ex-local chimed in.

    But a third wasn't so sure, adding: "I just moved to Newport after living in London for a decade and I love it hah (sic). Friendly locals, independent shops, beautiful countryside on my doorstep."

    This isn't the only place the YouTuber has slammed on his controversial channel.

    The Daily Star previously reported he branded the Cornish tourist town of St Austell as a "filthy, bleak cesspool of humanity" and called for it to be bulldozed.

    "Overall the whole place needs condemning and knocking down because no unsuspecting tourist should ever have to suffer the displeasure of wandering into St Austell," he declared.

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