A family of seven are living on ready meals as they struggle to keep their heads above water during the cost of living crisis.

Leeds couple Kevin and Nicola Gomersall and their five children also stay in every night, while soaring fuel prices mean it costs them £50 a week just to take one of their sons to school.

Cash-strapped Kevin and Nicola have three teenagers – aged 17, 15 and 13 – as well as a 10-year-old and a three-year-old, meaning energy bills have also gone through the roof as they all play on their games consoles.

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Describing the family's predicament, Kevin told Leeds Live: "It's a bit of a nightmare. We don't even get to go out anymore.

"We basically have to sit in because we have no more money to pay. When you’re living underneath each other, it causes a lot of arguments. We get angry. We need our space."

Nicola added: "With all the prices going up, it's going to become a choice of eating or taking your kids to school."

The couple have also been forced to sell possessions at Wetherby Car Boot Sale.

Construction worker Kevin and Nicola, a cleaner, say energy bills are now an extra £75 a month – “a big jump,” exclaims the concerned mum.

Kevin said: "Food, gas, electric, everything has gone up. Bus fare is just about the only thing that hasn't gone up.

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"The Government don't give a damn. Our kids don't eat as healthy anymore because it costs too much for food. We're giving them ready meals, something quick and simple."

The pair say the real kicker is the rise in fuel costs, with Nicola explaining: "Our son goes to Tadcaster Grammar School. I'm having to go there and back every day – it costs me about £50 a week now to get my kid to school."

He's on the waiting list for the school bus, which she fumes is still about £80 a month.

Kevin said: “When we rang up for help from the Government, we got told to change our kid's school to make it easier for us because it's costing too much."

But Nicola explained: "I don’t want him to go to schools near us, because they're not very nice."

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