A suspected murderer has been captured after walking free from his jail cell when a storm caused the door to unlock in a freak malfunction.

Kevin Wilson was arrested on Thursday evening (December 6) at a hotel in Savannah, Georgia after being noticed missing from Effingham County Jail at 7.10am on Tuesday.

Sheriffs only realised he was missing during a headcount, and believe he escaped the complex on Monday night.

A huge manhunt operation then followed involving officers from the local police force, a SWAT team, the Strategic Investigative Unit, and Gang Unit.

Video footage shows Wilson fleeing the prison through the courtyard, reports MailOnline.

He had been held there since October 2020 on traffic charges and was indicted last August for four counts of murder for the death of Vincent Smalls Jr.

The 32 year old was also charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Sheriff Jimmy McDuffiet told a press conference on Tuesday that the combination of a computer glitch to open the door caused by the storm and human error afterwards led to his Hollywood-style escape.

He said: "Once you start with those computers, all kinds of stuff can go haywire"

"The jail was initially unlocked from that situation. This was a door that just never got locked back."

"We apparently didn’t check it like we should have."

Hopes were raised on Tuesday when bloodhound picked up his scent outside the facility but were soon dashed when it 'dissipated'.

Residents in the area surrounding the jail were reported by local news station WRDW TV to be 'on edge' after being told that the suspected murderer had escaped on Wednesday, and also expressed their anger with authorities about not being told earlier.

One man named Kenny Anderson went round to neighbour's houses to inform them of the inmate on the loose, telling the channel: “I just made sure that my immediate neighbors some are single some are widowers. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what was going on”

Effingham County Jail has stated that they will be holding an internal investigation into the circumstances of Wilson's escape.

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