A dad of two who spent 200 hours in A&E with what was believed to be a "stomach ulcer" died after it was actually cancer.

Danny Johnston, 47, had passed away on February 17 just a month after receiving his terminal diagnosis, grieving wife Charlene, 37, has said.

Danny had been in and out of Countess of Chester Hospital for some time with symptoms including vomiting blood, and had dropped 3.5 stone between August 2022 and February 2023.

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Charlene says she was informed of the diagnosis on January 14, after an A&E nurse told her of the diagnosis when the dad-of-two fell ill during a scan, CheshireLive reported.

Speaking of the news that made her feel "sick", Charlene said: "He went in for a scan on January 14 and then as he was coming out he collapsed and at that point was really unwell.

"We went over to A&E as Danny said he wanted to go on a drip and get anti-sickness medication and go home. That was the plan.

"A nurse said 'don't let him go' and when I asked why she said 'do you not know?' and she asked me what I thought it was and I answered that it was an ulcer in his duodenum and that he was waiting for a procedure or op and her eyes started to well up.

"She said 'you need to know something. He's got cancer."

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The 47-year-old, who was at A&E every week, had been in and out of GP offices and hospitals since first feeling ill in April 2022.

Charlene added: "We knew something wasn't right but they just kept saying it was an ulcer in his duodenum and this was the reason he kept vomiting and losing weight.

"The cancer he had was hard to detect but he actually never had any procedures so would have died of malnutrition anyway, even if the cancer was not detected.

"If he had been well and able to eat and digest food then we probably wouldn't have found out he had cancer until February 14."

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