Police are on the hunt for a serial stalker who has been filmed peering into family homes and attempting to break in in the early hours of the morning.

Security footage from home CCTV cameras show what appears to be the same person wearing an Adidas hoodie and tracksuit pants, a wide-brim hat, face mask and gloves while trying to get into several properties in Geelong, just west of Melbourne, Australia.

Around seven residents of the area have reported encounters with the stalker.

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Victoria police told the Daily Mail it was currently investigating several reports of a suspicious person seen in the area between January 31 and February 3.

Scott Holbrook, a Geelong man whose property was scouted out by the unknown person, said it looked as if they were looking for keys left under doormats.

Scott, who owns a home security company, uploaded footage from his CCTV camera online.

He added they appeared to be “snooping” and would “move around quite nonchalantly” with their "hands behind their back”.

“Knowing they have been on your property and you don't know what their intentions are… The invasion of privacy is concerning,” Scott said.

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Another homeowner in the area said the stalker appeared “calm” and still tried to gain access to his home even when his dog started barking and the sensor light switched on.

They eventually walked away when they were unable to get in the house.

While Geelong residents may have been creeped out by the presence of an unknown person casing their houses, at least they didn’t have to deal with a night stalker who ended up defecating on the floor of a car park.

The Daily Star reported on a creepy man who spent four hours roaming Adelaide’s business district before disrobing and taking a huge dump on the floor of a car park in the middle of one of Australia’s busiest cities.


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