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Parents have been warned to stay vigilant about what their kids are watching online after a three-year-old boy was told to kill his family by a creepy clown on YouTube.

Stephanie Zikmann's son, Joey was enjoying watching a video about counting dinosaurs when the sick subliminal message appeared alongside images of children being stabbed in the neck and dismembered.

The Pennywise-inspired clown appeared just a few minutes into the video titled "counting for kids" and delivered the sinister message.

The mum from Glasgow said: "I am so horrified. I'm disgusted, I really am. My son was innocently watching counting dinosaurs on YouTube before it was taken over by what I gather is a combination of It and Pennywise.

"The most worrying thing about it was the message 'kill them all'. As the video went on, it told kids to kill all children with images of kids getting stabbed in the neck, getting their arms chopped off and so on, all while a catchy song continued to tell them to 'kill them all'.

"What's all the more alarming is that Joey didn't seem disturbed by this at all which makes me wonder, is this is a regular occurrence? What else are our kids seeing?"

Stephanie is urgently calling for the video platform to 'take responsibility' and remove videos like this one to protect children.

She added: "YouTube must take responsibility for the content on the platform, even if it means watching every last video to ensure nothing like this slips through the net."

The dog groomer had shared her experience on Facebook and was met with a swarm of responses from other parents who had similar experiences.

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One mum wrote: "It’s awful, we were watching something on the largest animals last night and something popped up to say 'I’ll be under your bed', which scared my son.

"They can stop you sharing info on vaccines and things to do with the government but they don’t seem bothered about this."

Another commented: "This is horrendous! My god!

"Normalising this behaviour (as they do with sexual stuff) is to totally desensitise the next generation. It's seriously f***ed up."

And a third said: "That’s awful, even I’m scared of Pennywise."

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A spokesperson for YouTube said that the platform has "never been for people under 13" and there is a separate YouTube Kids app where children can "explore their interests and curiosity" more safely.

The spokesperson added: "YouTube heavily invests in the technology and teams that help provide kids and families with the best protection possible.

"We consult with experts and researchers, and improve our policies and platform based on their feedback."

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