A second red flight for New Zealanders eligible for MIQ emergency allocations stuck in NSW is set to leave the Covid-stricken state next Wednesday.

The deadline for applications via the MIQ website is 5pm NZST, Saturday, September 11.

Brigadier Rose King, joint head of MIQ, said 93 people returned to New Zealand on a Sydney-Auckland red flight last Sunday.

“With emergency allocations suspended for people in Australia since July, this brings Australia back in line with the rest of the world, where people have continued to have access to emergency allocations.”

Although an announcement on the transtasman bubble is expected later this month, King is encouraging New Zealanders eligible for this flight to take the opportunity.

Today NSW reported 1,480 new community cases of Covid-19, and nine deaths.

Travellers must have a negative pre-departure test, not have visited a location of interest and the normal rules around paying for their MIQ stay will apply.

The pre-departure test must be taken within 72 hours of departure.

Due to New Zealand’s current Covid-19 Delta outbreak, the flight will not be open to public bookings.

Earlier today, Chris Hipkins said discussions to reopen the transtasman bubble are a fair way off.

Hipkins said people shouldn’t be preparing themselves to wait for another 12-18 months before borders opened.

He said plans had been under way for a model to allow vaccinated travellers to isolate at home and there are still plans to trial that before the end of the year.

He said health teams here are keeping a close eye on as many countries as possible to get a better idea of how to reopen once vaccination rates are higher.

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