An American actor says he was exposed to Covid-19 while getting a massage in New Zealand.

Prison Break star Wade Williams, best known for the role of Brad Bellick, told CNNyesterday that he was in New Zealand to shoot a Netflix show.

“I’ve been doing this piece of work here, some stunts where I throw myself off [something] about 10 times. I had to die falling backward, I was a little sore.

“I went to a nice spot and had a massage and I happened to lay on the massage table and have my face in that little hole that somebody who had tested positive Covid had just been in, right before I went in.

“Even though they cleaned the table and changed the sheets, and they cleaned the room and wore masks, and temperatures, they were concerned I might get it.”

Williams said he got the massage on a Thursday afternoon.

“I started getting calls Saturday morning. I kind of figured out what it was and called back by the end of that day. The next morning I was in quarantine for 14 days.”

The actor said he had 24 hours to go before he could leave, pending a negative final test result and no sign of symptoms.

“I’m happy to do it, to be honest with you.”

It is unclear where in Auckland the actor is staying.

Wade also explained New Zealand’s contact tracing process to the CNN host.

“When I first came here I was educated by the New Zealand Government about how to use their app. They know when you’ve been somewhere, and who’s been there with you.

“They know pretty quickly if there’s been someone there with you that had tested positive for Covid or had the symptoms of Covid.”

Williams was full of praise for the hotel staff and frontline workers he had met.

He described the way he had been treated in quarantine as “wonderful”.

“The words I would use is respect and loving-kindness. They have really done a good job with this.

“[New Zealand is] an island nation which I don’t think actually makes a difference, the way they do it. I think anybody can do this if they just ask the people of New Zealand how they do it.

He said using hotels as quarantine facility was a great idea.

“They’re like four or five-star hotels. They treat us as guests.”

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