The family of 11-month old Kawariki Bond, who is one of New Zealand’s youngest Covid-19 cases, feared he was facing a “death sentence” – now they are seeing signs of improvement.

“Awa” tested positive on August 24, a result that could have had dire consequences given his range of underlying health conditions.

Currently, baby Awa is being fed by machine that pushes food through into his stomach.

Awa’s grandfather Darren Cleave told Stuff the rest left the family “distraught” and immediately many thought it would be a “death sentence”.

At the time, Awa was also battling Influenza.

But now, more than two weeks after testing positive, Awa is showing signs of recovery.

Cleave revealed Awa’s temperatures have dropped and his heart rate has decreased after increasing when he was diagnosed as having contracted Covid-19.

The family are now optimistic Awa will recover, but concerns still remain around health complications he may experience from the virus.

While Awa is on the mend, his mother, Chontelle Bond, says she is mentally exhausted from her time at the Auckland Jet Park MIQ facility.

She told Stuff she didn’t think “MIQ were equipped to look after a baby with Covid.”

Bond said her mental wellbeing suffered by the end of their stay and claims a lack of equipment and staff to assist made it difficult to care for her 11-month-old.

She says MIQ offered for her husband to join them or to go home.

Bond chose to go home and the family was granted an exemption from the Ministry of Health to return home early to isolate and recover.

He returned two negative tests by day 10.

In response to the family’s MIQ claims, the Joint Head of MIQ Rose King told Stuff the Jet Park MIQ was fully equipped to care for infants.

It’s not known how Awa contracted the virus.

Now a Givealittle appeal has been started by his grandparents in a bid to help the family financially and mentally.

“It’s about giving [the mother] and family a break – send them on a holiday,”grandfather Darren Cleave said.

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