A council will pay one of its residents £300 in compensation thanks to noisy binmen.

A Basildon local won an ombudsman ruling after they said the council didn't sufficiently investigate a noise nuisance complaint about bin collections at a shop near his home, beginning in June 2021.

The unnamed resident said the noise disturbed him three times a week between 4.30am and 5.30am, causing disturbed sleep, inconvenience and stress.

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The individual first made a complaint about the noise caused by the privately contracted workers in July 2021, a month after collections started.

The council registered the man's concerns and had words with both the rubbish collection contractor and the shop, who agreed to change the bin collection time to after 7am.

But at a hearing with the ombudsman, the frustrated resident said the issues didn't stop and he was forced to make several complaints as well as take recordings of the noise.

It is understood the council was told that temporary drivers, who had to be brought in during periods of staff shortages, were the reason for the early commotion.

However, the resident presented evidence at the hearing that the disturbances continued for months, all the way up until July 2022.

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While the ombudsman admitted the council had initially taken "suitable steps" to address the issue, when problems persisted they failed to ramp up its efforts.

“While a council officer visited the site, there are no notes they tried to visit the property to try to witness the noise nuisance," the ombudsman ruled.

"This was a missed opportunity to review the evidence available and was [a] fault."

The council was ordered to write to the resident explaining what had happened and apologising, as well as pay him £300 for the "inconvenience, frustration and stress caused by its mishandling of his complaint."

They were also asked to create a plan to investigate the noise nuisance.

A council spokesperson said: "We accept the findings of the ombudsman's report and apologise to the complainant for failing to suitably investigate a noise nuisance complaint.

"The council is acting on the recommendations from the report and has formally contacted the customer in writing as agreed."

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