Regional District of Central Okanagan is keeping the learning alive

Their regular programs, normally taught in groups, have been adapted — this time coming live to your favourite device.

“Normally this would be our high season,” said Isabella Hodson, R.D.C.O

“We were thinking outside the box with COVID-19 and that’s where we came up with Instagram live.”

The regional district has been sharing their knowledge about nature online Tuesdays through Saturday for the month to inspire residents of the region to learn about what grows, nests, burrows and soars above the Central Okanagan.

“When we did our Evergreen Tree Identification program, we got a lot of people emailing us saying they brought their kids out into their local park, whether it’s a regional park or municipal one, and they were trying to identify the pine cones, and the other cones and the tree bark,” said Hodson.

There are several more programs scheduled for the month of April broadcasting live on their Instagram page, and Youtube page, for other ways to watch visit 

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