Following advice from the health unit, the Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market is moving its Saturday market outdoors in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The downtown farmers’ market will move from inside Peterborough Square, where it has been operating since November, and relocate to Citi Centre courtyard, its previous summer location, at the corner of Aylmer and Charlotte streets.

The market will run at Citi Centre for the next four Saturdays, said market representative Julie Fleming. She noted the market will ensure customers have access to the products they need during “these challenging times.”

“We believe that it’s prudent to move outside at this point and continue to support our vendors and customers” she stated.

“We encourage the community to enjoy local products and to help us adjust to changing circumstances.”

The market will run from 9 a.m. to noon. Fleming noted the Citi Centre location will ensure limited contact with surface area and reduce lingering crowds and distance between vendors and guests.

“We are asking vendors to pre-package certain goods, to limit all displays, and further limit contact with goods sold,” she said.

“Although we take precautions normally, we will continuously work to decrease any potential sources of contamination or potential spread.”

Fleming recommends customers contact vendors and place pre-orders. A full list of vendors is online.

“This will allow you to conduct business more efficiently and minimize gathering, as well as minimize the handling of cash,” she said. “Many vendors will be able to do online orders.

Fleming noted there will be no seating areas, no dishwashing station, no play areas and no formal places where groups can gather.

“We ask that all guests and vendors maintain high levels of healthy hygiene habits, including handwashing, use of anti-bacterial hand wash, wearing gloves if necessary and limiting interactions,” she said.

“If you are sick, have recently travelled or have any potential exposure to illness, we request that you please stay home and continue to drastically limit social interactions. While at the market we ask that you continue to maintain a social distance with other market patrons.”

Fleming says the PRFM thanks Brad Smith who “generously allowed us to use the Citi-Centre.”

“We would also like to thank Peterborough Square, as they have been extremely supportive throughout this challenging time,” said Fleming. “We are so thankful for our downtown partners.”

The Peterborough District Farmers’ Market, which operates at the Morrow Park building and in the parking lot of the Peterborough Memorial Centre, remains closed after the City of Peterborough last week ordered all of its facilities to be shut down for three weeks.

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