People are flocking to the grocery stores to stock up on things like food and toilet paper in the wake of COVID-19.

People were lined up out the door and around the building at the Costco on Wonderland Road North as people tried to stock up on essentials.

This comes after several posts on social media showed empty shelves in a number of stores.

Shopper Johanna Hawke tells Global News she was trying to do her regular grocery shop but left with an empty cart.

“I think it’s crazy. I think people are creating a problem.”

Hawke said she is going to have to try another store but is thankful she still has some supplies at home.

While panic is a “very human” response, Steven Hoffman, director of the Global Strategy Lab, previously told Global News that it’s neither helpful nor proportionate to the current risk level.

“It’s created pandemonium that I am struggling to understand the extent of,” said Costco shopper Corinne Somerville.

“I experienced an elderly gentleman being yelled at because he did not have his cart over far enough.”

Somerville was trying to do her weekly grocery shop but said she has made sure to get extra, so she doesn’t have to come back to the store anytime soon.

Others like Paul McQueen say there was a 45-minute wait to check out. McQueen said he was at the store to pick up some toilet paper for his parents and neighbours.

Shortly after that, an employee at the store could be heard telling people waiting in line that they were out of toilet paper.

For those worried about toilet paper shortages, Canadian toilet paper manufacture Kruger Inc. said there wouldn’t be a shortage with their brand’s cashmere and Purex.

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