A family has been fined and attracted the anger of Port Coquitlam’s mayor after getting caught re-selling medical face masks at McClean Park on Friday.

Pictures sent to Global News show large brown boxes, filled with smaller boxes of supplies. A cash box could also be seen on a folding table set up next to the large boxes.

Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West said he heard from several residents that the family was selling the masks at $20 each, while others told him the asking price was $40 a box.

No matter the price, the mayor said the practice of reselling medical supplies at steep markups is unacceptable.

“I can’t actually say what I think of what these people have done. You would need to bleep it out. To have people try and sell supplies that are short-stocked in our hospitals and try to make a buck is beyond anything I can comprehend.”

The family was fined for operating an unauthorized business, but West says that didn’t stop them from setting up shop again.

“They actually, if you can believe this, they came back a second day,” the mayor said. “It’s jaw-dropping and stupid.”

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