Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday the Canada Child Benefit will be temporarily increased within the coming months, delivering relief to families affected by the novel coronavirus.

The measure would provide almost $2 billion in extra support for parents who may have been laid off from their jobs or unable to work due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Families with young kids are going to find the coming months especially difficult with school closures and additional child care responsibilities,” said Trudeau. “To take some of that pressure off, our government will temporarily boost the CCB in the coming months.”

Finance Minister Bill Morneau told reporters shortly after that the added top up to the Canadian Child Benefit will be $300 per child.

According to the government’s Child Benefit calculator — which calculates based on Canada’s 2019 rates — a family where each parent earns between $45,000-65,000 per year and has two children will be eligible for almost $900 per month.

With Morneau’s suggested top up, that would amount to $1,200.

The calculator will be updated in June, and parents can see how much they can expect to receive in 2020.

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