Everyone has a favourite character we have an obsession with – whether that's because we admire them or we can relate to them.

For most people the difference between fact and fiction is pretty obvious. But not for everyone.

Some have taken that admiration way too far as they have tried to become their favourite fictional psychopaths from movies such as Batman and Scream.

In this twisted list, the Daily Star reveals gruesome murders committed by copycat killers who were trying to become their favourite movie villains.

John Holmes & The Joker

John Holmes committed mass murder in the 2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting in which he killed 12 people and injured 70 others.

It is believed that prior to the shooting he dyed his hair orange in a strange bid to become a version of famous DC villain The Joker.

On July 20, 2012, Holmes entered a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises dressed in tactical clothing and letting off tear gas canisters before he opened fire indiscriminately into the crowded theatre.

The month before the shooting, Holmes emailed an application to join a gun club. Following the shooting, the gun club owner, Glenn Rotkovich said: "In hindsight, looking back – and if I'd seen the movies – maybe I'd say it was like the Joker.

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"I would have gotten the Joker out of it… It was like somebody was trying to be as weird as possible."

Jessica Camilleri & Jeepers Creepers

In 2019, Jessica Camilleri, 27, decapitated her mum Rita before leaving her head on the path outside their home in St Clair, Sydney, Australia.

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Facebook posts revealed from the weeks before the frenzied attack that she had an obsession with The Creeper from the movie franchise, Jeepers Creepers.

The bloodthirsty character was inspired by real-life killer Dennis DePue who butchered his own wife in cold blood in 1990.

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During Jessica's 'copycat' killing, Rita was stabbed more than 100 times before her daughter chopped her head off and had her tongue, eyeballs and nose removed.

Daniel Gill and Robert Fuller & Scream

Daniel Gill, 14, and Robert Fuller, 15, both of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, were found guilty of the attempted murder of Ashley Murray in August 1999.

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The teens had attacked their friend, 13, only hours after watching part of the horror film Scream, stabbing him 18 times and leaving him for dead, a court heard.

The judge determined that their exposure to the film, to drugs, knives and black magic, combined to "blur the line between fantasy and reality" and between "right and wrong."

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The victim survived and went on to tell police that the film might have been responsible for making his friends suddenly attack him, BBC North Yorkshire reports.

Elena Lobacheva & the Bride of Chucky

Elena Lobacheva killed 14 homeless people on the streets of Moscow along with four male accomplices, in 2016.

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The gang murdered their victims away from CCTV in derelict areas to avoid detection, according to the Independent.

One of the victims was stabbed 171 times in attacks she told police was inspired by the Hollywood horror movie Bride of Chucky, about a doll possessed by a serial killer.

Lobacheva also told officers that "randomly stabbing the body of a dying human brought her pleasure compared to sexual pleasure".

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