An astronaut who has been to space several times has slammed conspiracy theorists who say the moon landings were fake.

Thomas Pesquet, a member of the European Union Space Agency, went on a Twitter rant, saying that the moon landing detractors "pain me".

Pesquet, who has been to space four times, said on Wednesday that it "worries me" that people "blur the truth" about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's visit to the moon in 1969.

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“But why do we have to waste precious time on this again: of course yes, humans went to the moon during the Apollo missions. And we’re going back,” he said, translated from French.

“And yes, my emotions don’t matter, but it pains me, after everything I’ve done for 10 years, my two missions, the thousands of hours of extra work to share them and explain science and technology, to have to do this tweet today,” he continued.

“It also worries me enormously to see how some people have fun blurring the truth and others are having fun. Seriously ask yourself the question: who wins in all this? Not NASA no, but the manipulators who tell you that everything is wrong.”

His comments came ahead of NASA’s second attempt of its Artemis I moon rocket launch on Saturday.

That came five days after a pair of technical issues scuppered the first attempt at getting the rocket off the ground.

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“If you get caught up in this in good faith, it happens: get off Twitter and try to find the info in books, for example. It’s safer,” Pesquet recommended.

“In short, that’s all on this subject because it’s not my field and I have a lot of work. We’re going to go back to spending all of our time and energy making things like the ISS and Artemis happen, because it’s good for humanity. No offense to some,” he added.

“See you on the moon in a few years,” he concluded.

Buzz Aldrin himself famously punched a conspiracy theorist in the face for claiming his moon landing was faked.

In September 2002, Aldrin, then aged 72, landed a punch on conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel outside a hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Aldrin can be heard exclaiming, “Will you get away from me?” while Sibrel, standing close to him, continues, “You’re a coward and a liar and a thief,” when Aldrin strikes.


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