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A violent brawl on a British street turned embarrassing when a man intent on inflicting maximum damage with a sucker punch swung so heartily that he lost balance and floored himself.

Mobile phone footage circulating online shows a late night scrap that looks like to include several people.

In one clip, uploaded to Twitter, a man in a yellow hoodie is seen creeping up on another bloke – in a chequered shirt – who is facing away from him.

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Fresh from swinging and missing on a man in a black t-shirt, the bloke in a hoodie swings a haymaker at his would-be adversary.

In perfect tandem with the thug's would-be sucker punch, the man bends to pick something from the ground, meaning that the hooded man wollops nothing but air.

And if a swing and a miss wasn't embarrassing enough, the momentum of his arm sends him flying to the ground.

The clip, uploaded to Twitter by the user @kurtisjbolton, has over 10 million views.

Over 300,000 people have also liked the short video which has 'U Can’t Touch This' by MC Hammer playing in the background.

The video also has the caption "he try punch the guy but missed", alongside several crying-laughing emojis.

"Got to love Worcester ay," his tweet, posted yesterday (Friday, July 1), reads.

Twitter users unanimously condemned the man in the hoodie.

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"Made me REALLY angry seeing this, he could have killed him quite easily if connected. These drunken morons don't think. Life is fragile," wrote one user.

"Nothing at all funny about this. It’s frightening to think what could have happened if he had if connected. Could have easily led to a death as it was a sucker punch and two sets of families lives could have been ruined that night. Complete moron," a second agreed.


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