Denver’s Dos Luces Brewery is closed until further notice after a car crashed into its space at 1236 S. Broadway.

The brewery, known for creating Mexican and South American beverages such as pulque and chicha, said on social media that no staff members were at the building when a car crashed into it Tuesday morning.

According to Denver police, officers responded to the incident at 8 a.m. A female driver clipped another vehicle while trying to change lanes and lost control of her car before crashing into the building. No serious injuries were reported, police said.

Judd Belstock, owner and founder of Dos Luces, was first alerted that there had been an incident when the business’ alarm went off around 8 a.m. Shortly thereafter, a longtime patron who lives nearby texted him to say there was a crash and it “looked like there was a hole in the front” of the brewery, he said.

Luckily, the damage is limited to the business’ entryway, Belstock said, though some of it appears to be structural. He’s having someone come to reinforce the building Tuesday afternoon.

It’s still unclear when Dos Luces might be able to reopen to the public, but in the interim, Belstock plans to focus on packaging beer and selling it at retailers such as Whole Foods in Wash Park and Cherry Creek, as well as other locations where Dos Luces currently distributes.

“If people did want to support, the absolute best thing they can do is go to our website and buy a gift card,” Belstock said. “That puts cash in our pockets right now and gives them something they can spend later as well.”


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