When you walk into Brix Brew and Tap at 813 8th St. in Greeley, you might notice that something looks a little different.

While the faces behind the bar are the same and the list of beers on tap hasn’t changed, Brix Brew & Tap will now be known as TightKnit Brewing Co.

The brewery announced its rebranding efforts to the community on Sunday via Facebook.

Brewery co-owner Tommy Dyer and crew purchased the business four years ago, and while they made some modifications to the original Brix brand, they just didn’t feel like the name reflected the passion and purpose of the business.

“The TightKnit Brewing Company name was derived from the way we strive to operate as a business,” Dyer said in the announcement. “We have a tight knit group of staff that is more like family than coworkers. We believe we have formed a tight knit relationship with our customers. And lastly, we want to be a supportive community member that is integral and tight knit with the city of Greeley, Evans, NoCo and the local programs that make our community such a great place to live.”

While their name has changed, the beer and dedication to the community will remain the same, Dyer said.  Customers can still enjoy their favorite beers that have been a staple of the brewery for years, as well tries as new ones.

In addition to the new TightKnit Brewing Co. name, the company has expanded its brewing operations to Evans.

The new brewing operations center is located at 3940 Carson Ave., Unit 4, just off of 37th Street. The 2,900-square foot space provides easy access to Highway 85 and is a short distance from the taproom in downtown Greeley.

“We purchased the building in May 2021. We had been looking for a space well before that, but this spot has been over a year project,” Dyer said. “We definitely looked at a lot of stuff downtown closer to where our taproom is, but the way property prices are, that was not as easy to find.”

The new expansion will allow TightKnit to more than triple its volume with a 10-barrel system.

“We have 18-foot ceilings so we could fit quite a few more tanks in here,” Dyer said. “We can stack the fermenters to add more or make more room.”

As with many companies, the brewery ran into some snags when it came to getting the tanks delivered for installation. The tanks were stuck on a boat at the Port of Los Angeles for months, Dyer said.

“We were actually supposed to have our fermenters in August and we didn’t get them until January,” Dyer said. “So there was a big delay there. We’ve had some delays with other equipment. The transformer was a big one that just kept getting delayed and shipping. The delays had gone on a lot longer than we hoped, but that’s the COVID world we live in.

“But the fact that it’s done and approved and we can start brewing here is a huge win for us.”

The company will still utilize the tanks and brew system set up at the downtown location to supply the taproom and act as a pilot system for new beers and test batches.

“We can do different fun and unique things that we can test on the market with our customers,” Dyer said.  “The tanks here will keep our flagship beers in stock and actually be able to distribute a little bit of beer around town.”

The expanded brewing operations will also allow TightKnit to collaborate with other breweries on unique and interesting concoctions.

“Because of our tank space and size over at the taproom, we have been pretty limited with what we can do with that,” Dyer said. “That’s one of the beauties of the brewing industry — even though it is competitive it’s still very collaborative.”

The new expansion also allowed TightKnit to be able to invest in an auger and grain mill, which will alleviate the need and extra cost of purchasing pre-milled grain.

“Now with this, we can mill the grain to whatever spec we want and auger straight up to the hopper,” Dyer said. “So the grain will sit up there and you can control how that flows in as you mash it in.”

Along with expanding their brewing capabilities, Dyer and co. hope to use the space for tastings and events.

“We do have a license to serve customers here but that’s not going to happen for a while. We want to mainly focus on production right now,” Dyer explained. “But maybe we would have a set up on weekends only with something that you might not get at our taproom. It will definitely be a different environment than the taproom.”

The building also features an office area, something Dyer doesn’t have at the downtown location.

“At least now I have a desk and little more of a quiet space,” he explained. “Once our tavern doors open, I kind of have to hide in the back.”

For more information on TightKnit Brewing Co., hours of operation, beers on tap and more, go to www.tightknitbrewing.com.

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