Two British airline cabin crew members were reportedly drugged and sexually assaulted at a party after working in LA.

The women reportedly told friends that they were attacked inside a mansion in Los Angeles after visiting a nightclub last year.

It is believed that at least one of the ladies became tearful and confided in their colleagues while they were on a flight on the way back to London, reports The Sun.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that a “third party” alerted officers at Heathrow Airport when the plane had landed.

A source told The Sun: "The women were working abroad and let their hair down one evening. They went to a posh club in Los Angeles and from there they went back to a mansion.

"They claim that they were drugged and sexually assaulted while they were at the mansion. It’s all very serious.”

It has been reported that the crew members have worked for the unnamed airline for a number of years and are thought to be receiving specialist support.

A spokesman for the company told the paper: “We are aware of reports that crew members may have been involved in an incident while overseas.

“We take such matters extremely seriously and are providing them with full support.”

The Met Police have confirmed they received a report but said they would not be the ones to conduct an investigation.

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A spokesperson told the Daily Star: "On Friday, 5 November, police at Heathrow Airport were informed by a third party that two members of an incoming airline cabin crew had allegedly been sexually assaulted in the US.

"Officers attended to see if they could offer support to those involved.

"At this time there is no further involvement for the Met, and any further investigation would be for the US Authorities."

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