One of Britain's top OnlyFans stars has “Porn Princess” Elle Brooke to thank for getting her career off the ground.

Poppy Evans, 24, told this week how Manchester City fan Brooke got in contact with her having seen some of her couple's work on the adult site.

And it prompted her to ditch her “no face” rule on her content and branch out into a highly successful solo career, where she is now one of OnlyFan's top 0.42% of creators world wide.

Liverpool-mad Evans exclusively told the Daily Star: “It took me awhile to have the confidence to show my face, and I actually kind of got pushed into it in a way.

“Brooke had got in touch and asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her, and at the time, I was a teeny tiny creator.

“I had about 25 fans at the time, and she was this huge creator who asked me if I wanted to collaborate, so I was like, 'yes, of course, I would love that'.

“I knew it would give me a great boost into the OnlyFans world, but the condition of that was that I would need to show my face – so I did.

“And then that's where it kind of launched me into the OnlyFans world, and I think I gained around 100 fans in a day just from working with Elle.

“She is lovely. and I worked with her twice and both times she's just been the nicest person.”

She added: “She was so welcoming and she put me at ease, especially with it being my first ever collaboration in the industry, because I was so nervous beforehand, as you as you can imagine.”

Poppy admits that Elle has “always been there” for her, and gives her advice when needed.

She even calls her a “mentor” when her career first launched around two years ago.

Nicknamed the “threesome queen”, Poppy hit out at those who take her content and publish it online without her permission.

The issue became so bad, that she employed a special company to sweep the internet regularly and have the content removed.

Anyone of the company's most recent reports found more than 700 links containing leaked material.

She said: “It's incredibly frustrating that, first of all, people think that it's okay to do that because it's me, my body.

“But second of all, it's also my living, and the fact that people are sharing that for free, is also quite damaging.

“So it's incredibly important for me that that company finds those those links and takes them down.”

Poppy is doing so well on the site that she earns around £15,000 per month – and the Midlands-native recently bought a new house in the North West.

It nearly all came crashing down recently when OnlyFans decided to pull the plug on adult content on its site.

However, after a huge backlash – and probably some financial reckoning – the site backtracked and withdrawn the imminent ban.

But this prompted Poppy to look for other avenues, and joined Pocket Stars where she already has more than 3,300 likes and over 2,000 posts of content.

She explained: “We had the massive scare back in August last year, where they temporarily banned adult content from the site.

“And that was the point where creators started making backup platforms and joining other sites. and one of the main ones was Pocket Stars.

“I do believe the fact that they are adult friendly, they're there for the community, and they will be there for the long term as a safe space for adult creators, as opposed to OnlyFans where the regulations just keep getting tighter and tighter – I don't know how much longer necessarily we're going to be allowed on there."

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