Bricklayers are to be taught how to use the correct pronouns to avoid “crippling” tribunal payouts.

Building companies are among firms drafting in experts to train staff around what they can and can’t say on subjects such as gender.

Firms which fall foul of equality laws could be landed with bills of almost £70,000, warns Outsourced HR LTD.

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Sasha Warr, who founded the company 13 years ago, says companies that don’t train their staff risk suffering “colossal damage” both financially and to their brand if they fail to create an inclusive workplace.

She said: “Companies are incredibly nervous about the current climate, as there are now so many potential pitfalls and legal tripwires that could quickly undo the hard work people have invested into a successful business to build it up.

“Often managers don’t know or fully understand the law around topics like gender, and they can understandably feel overwhelmed by it all, as it is all just so fast-changing.”

The team of Sasha, along with fellow HR consultants Rebecca Iles and Colette Farrell, have over 60 years of combined experience and have never lost an employment tribunal.

“We have had everybody from construction firms to GP practices asking for our help to advise their staff on everything from language and pronouns to behaviour, and ensuring your staff are well trained and compliant is a vital step that can even pay off if the worst does still happen,” added Rebecca.

Outsourced HR LTD said a ruling of discrimination could cost a ­business £27,000 on ­average. The total bill could rise to a whopping £67,000.

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