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A large crowd, which gathered to watch him speak at COP27 yesterday, chanted and erupted into applause when he entered.

Under President Jair Bolsonaro, who will hand over power to Mr Lula in January, deforestation of the Amazon reached record highs.

Mr Lula said: “There’s no climate security for the world without a protected Amazon. We will do whatever it takes to have zero deforestation. Efforts to fight climate change will have the highest profile in my next government.”

Brazil was set to host COP25 in 2019 until Bolsonaro was elected and then it shifted to Chile, followed by Madrid. Lula called for COP30 in 2025 to be held in the Amazon.

He said: “The planet, at every moment, warns us that we need each other to survive and that alone we are vulnerable to the climate.

“There are not two planet Earths.

We are one sole species called humanity. We need more empathy, trust and to go beyond our immediate national interests.”

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