Australia: Footage shows moments before helicopter collision

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Ten-year-old Nicholas Tadros, 10, has woken up from a coma and held his dad, Simon’s, hand after the crash two weeks ago. Nicholas’ mother, Vanessa Tadros, was killed in the crash on the Gold Coast and was buried on Monday at Saint John the Beloved in Mount Druitt.

Simon Tadros spoke at his wife’s funeral, saying: “Vanessa was a special person. Her smile was infectious…she had a pure heart…every day we grew strong together. She was our protector.

“To my beautiful wife, I will always love you no matter what challenges face us. I know you’ll always be with me. Rest in peace, beautiful.”

British couple Ron Hughes, 65, and Diane Hughes, 57, were also killed in the crash along with the pilot Ash Jenkinson, 40, whose funeral was held on Friday on the Gold Coast.

Winnie de Silva, 33, and her son Leon, 9, are in hospital but are in a stable condition.

Two couples from New Zealand were in the other aircraft and astonishingly survived the crash.

According to staff at the Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Nicholas is in a “critical but stable condition”.

On social media, Nicholas’ father wrote: “They have lowered his sedation machine at times to see if he is responsive and he has woken up and [been] able to respond to some questions with a nod or a shake of the head.

“He is also able to hold his my hand but still no movement in his legs yet but have been advised that could be due to the broken bones in both his legs.

“Due to the pain and distress and anxiety levels they have had to sedate him again for now.”

The ten-year-old is still on a ventilator in order to help him breathe and is scheduled for more operations in the next few days.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing, The Air Transport Safety Bureau in Australia said.

Chief Commissioner Angus Mitchell said: “We now have a painstaking job of trying to recreate exactly what’s occurred in the lead up to this.

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“We know the take-off and the landing phases of any aircraft operations are critical phases of flight, where the cognitive workload of pilots are at their greatest.”

He added: “What we need to know now is what was occurring inside those two cockpits at the time.”

The investigators from the Bureau are not expected to complete their investigation until September 2024.

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