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A young boy has managed to beat Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking with his IQ test and has been invited to join Mensa as a result.

Kevin Sweeney, 11, from Lochgelly, Fife, received a staggering score of 162 which placed him in the top 1% of people.

The child genius, who has autism, was able to remember the periodic table at the age of six and could read before he began primary school.

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It has been reported that Kevin was the only kid to sit the test at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh on July 16, reports Daily Mail.

Now, the quiz fan ranks higher than Hawking and Einstein, who didn't officially take the test but are believed to be the same.

His parents said he can often be found watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Chase and Only Connect and beating the contestants to the winning answers.

Father-of-four Eddie Sweeney said: "Kevin was running round the garden when he got the results. It meant a lot more to him than we imagined it would.

"We hope this is a great boost for him. Life has its challenges for Kevin, and we really want to help maximise his potential and give him every opportunity in life."

The 40-year-old added: "It's amazing we are so proud and Kevin is over the moon.

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"He got the maximum score for someone his age. There were no other children at the test it was all adults.

"We thought he might get overwhelmed being with all adults, but he was just chatting away to everyone saying 'hi, I'm Kevin'".

Both Eddie and mum Laura, 39, said they have always known that their son was a genius.

"We are so proud as parents, we have always known he was really clever. We always told people he's a genius, and I don't use that word lightly," the dad said.

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