A business owner was bombarded with calls after claiming people only want to work from home because they're 'lazy'.

London recruiter James Cox, 35, slammed those who want to work from home as unmotivated let-downs.

In a contentious LinkedIn post he wrote: "You want to work from home! So you don’t have to get dressed at 6am?

"So you can save money on travel? So that you can watch Loose Women on your lunch break?

"Come on everyone, let's pull together, stop the working from home nonsense and let’s get Britain working again!

"Working from home so that you can feed the squirrels at 11am in the garden!"

Since posting the controversial message the entrepreneur claimed he has received more than 50 abusive phone calls taking him to task.

But despite that outcry, he's standing by his divisive views about working from home during a global pandemic.

James added: "Unemployed people are turning down offers because they have to go into the office five days a week.

"I don't know what they're thinking.

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"People say it's a better work life balance if you've got children or pets, they want to see their children in the morning or their sister can have their children at certain hours but deep down I'm just seeing a lazy mentality.

"People want to work from home so they can wake up later and not have to commute.

"I wrote the post because I want to get a bit more understanding and I wanted to see what sort of companies were backing working from home but I knew there was going to be backlash."

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James's three members of staff at his Putney recruiting company were expected to come into the office every day throughout the pandemic, including lockdowns.

That's in spite of government advice urging work from home during the early stages of Covid.

But James was unafraid in his convictions.

He said: "Cafes in central London rely on lunch hour so if we're all at home they won't survive and that's very sad.

"How are we going to get our economy back to how it used to be?"

HR manager Melanie Darlington commented under James's post that his opinion was counterproductive and ignorant.

She wrote: "This is possibly the most offensive, small minded post I have ever seen.

"Whilst you might have bought yourself some notoriety as a result of this post I fear that you might have damaged your company's chance of recruitment even further.

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"I am confident if your company came up on my radar I would not recommend it to anyone.

"Your job as a recruitment consultant is to support your clients but also your candidates. Frankly embarrassing. Wishing you all the best though – it's nice to be nice."

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