A home built in an underground bunker has been described as "straight out of a James Bond movie" due to its one-of-a-kind appearance.

The house, located in Massachusetts, US, comes with a grass roof, eight-foot skylights and a natural cooling system.

The underground lair has been dubbed as the perfect fit for a Bond villain due to its features and odd appearance.

It is currently on sale for a staggering $640,000 (£467,000) and offers a large amount of space with three bedrooms.

The “earth -sheltered” property boasts a number of desirable qualities such as being energy efficient which means it should be fairly cheap to heat.

Inside, the property retains a bunker feel with exposed walls and ceilings, but prospective buyers will have all the comforts desired, with the property kitted out with modern appliances and gadgets, reports The Mirror.

Concerned about light? No need – there are wraparound picture windows and eight-foot skylights to allow for plenty of natural light in the concrete abode.

The current owners have added pops of colour with red furniture and wooden accents, largely allowing the surrounding countryside to serve as the focal point.

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Meanwhile outside, there is plenty of space to enjoy the natural surroundings, with the home located on top of a long private driveway on an 11.59-acre plot.

“This truly one-of-a-kind, earth-sheltered home atop a private winding driveway into the woods, looks like it was lifted straight out of a James Bond movie," the agent has described the house.

The property is currently on sale for $640,000 with Greg Maiser of RE/MAX Professional Associates.

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